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Modified Harada Ito Procedure

A selective strengthening procedure to advance the anterior fibres of the superior oblique to correct the extorsion due to superior oblique palsy.

Superior Oblique Loop Tenotomy

A procedure to weaken the tight superior oblique by an adjustable hang loose suture at its insertion.

Tucking of the Superior Oblique

A strengthening procedure for the lax superior oblique by double folding the tendon in an adjustable manner.



Posterior Tenectomy of Superior Oblique

A selective weakening procedure to excise the posterior fibres sparing the anterior 2 mm to weaken the abduction and depression actions of the Superior Oblique for mild to moderate overactions.

Periosteal Fixation of Lateral Rectus

A procedure to put the mischievous lateral rectus in the solitary confinement of the periosteal fixation.



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